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Hurricane Sandy, which caused massive destruction on the East Coast of the United States recently, attracted global attention and offers of help in the aftermath.

In fact, as the storm approached and struck, Peer39’s AppNexus datacenters saw a whopping 720% increase in traffic to pages classified as “Negative News (Disaster).”

At the peak, 41 million impressions were processed in this category alone.

As with all Peer39 classifications, Negative News (Disaster) can be used as an attribute to target to, or away from related content.

For example, a relief organization such as FEMA or the Red Cross can target their messages toward pages classified with this content, hoping to reach those interested in the progress of relief efforts and those seeking help themselves.

Alternately, cautious advertisers may wish to ensure their ads steer clear of this content to avoid appearing insensitive or inappropriate.  Peer39 classifications also make it easy to target away from pages categorized as Negative News (Disaster).

As the clean-up, reconstruction and humanitarian efforts continue in New York and elsewhere in the northeast, impression levels in this category are remaining well above normal. Whether you want to seek out this audience or avoid it, give us a call now.

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After surviving months of campaigning and information overload, the U.S. took to the polls on November 6 to decide if it would be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in the White House for the next four years.

Media organizations were not only planning the traditional nonstop TV, radio and newspaper coverage, they were also developing apps and content for the ‘second screen’ – laptops, tablets and smartphones. And boy, did Americans lap it up.

Our Peer39 global datacenters saw a huge spike in impressions as the results rolled in across the country.

To put it all in perspective: over the 30 days prior to the election, Peer39 would typically process around 34-36 billion impressions each day. (Note the dip in traffic caused by Hurricane Sandy). On November 6, however, we processed approximately 100 Billion impressions.

That means 100 billion requests were made to Peer39 through our RTB partners to check on the content, quality and safety of a page before the buy.

This was clearly a great day for advertisers who were targeting political enthusiasts using our Political News category. They got some serious reach.

With this data in mind, you might want to start thinking now about how to make the most of the big traffic spikes coming our way during the end-of-year holidays, tax season and Super Bowl Sunday!

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Been outside lately? There’s a chill in the air. Here’s a month-by-month guide to smart targeting this winter.


Peer39 is excited to announce targeting Halloween content can now be done in just one click, with the new Halloween Seasonal Category. This category bundles all the content from across the Peer39 taxonomy and makes it available with just one attribute. It’s perfect if your client wants to get spooky and target customers looking at Halloween content.


Thanksgiving has its own seasonal category to reduce clicking (leaving you more time for eating). And an eMarketer’s study says people will be shopping for the holidays in greater volume both earlier and later than usual, so you might consider putting your Holidays Seasonal Category in place on Black Friday.


An eMarketer study predicts $54 billion will be spent online during the holidays (up 16% year-over-year) . Get your share with Peer39 Holidays Seasonal Category. It allows you to easily select all the holiday content across the web, in any vertical.

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. No matter your political leanings, these are two names you can expect to hear a whole lot more about over the next few weeks as Americans decide who will get their votes. Media organizations, both on and offline, are tracking the candidates’ movements closely and creating content around the clock from every political angle.

But what if your brand wants to stay out of the political fray? Can you still safely target your campaigns toward news websites while avoiding political content?

Yes! With Peer39’s category attributes you can safely avoid (or embrace) political content – or any other content that might affect your brand.

Talk to a Peer39 account manager to help craft the perfect environment for your next campaign.

Election Protection

Peer39 uses semantic scanning technology to determine what the content is about, if there is user generated content, how many ads are on the page and where they are located.

  • Complete coverage: Any mentions of the election on a news site, no matter what vertical it’s in, will be categorized as political content.
  • Selective avoidance: Peer39’s content categories act like filters, allowing you to target other news content on websites that don’t mention politics. That gives you US news, world, business, technology, sports etc.
  • Opt-in. What if your brand wants to climb into the political race? The same category technology can help. Targeting the political news category will allow your ads to be placed right alongside this election content.
  • Protection beyond the election.All year around, Peer39’s brand safety attributes such as ‘Safe from User Generated Content’ or ‘Safe from Mature’ can help choose acceptable web content for your brand and creative.


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As we cheered, sang, winced and watched the world’s best athletes going for gold, media organizations basked in some record breaking results of their own.

The BBC published their impressive online statistics – their sport news website performed at its personal best. There were twice the number of video streams than previous events, mobile browsing hit new highs and outgoing bandwidth peaked at 700GB per second.

Peer39’s global datacenters recorded incredible traffic too. We saw between 178 million to 405 million daily Olympic impressions, totaling a massive 4.4 billion global Olympic impressions during the course of the games.

There’s some interesting data in the middle of the Olympics. It seems digital took a back seat during some of the most exciting track and field events. Impression levels climbed after Usain Bolt won the 100 meter sprint. The peak of the impression levels was the day after he won the 200 meter sprint, suggesting online was still strongest as a ‘replay’ function. People could relive the action the next day on-demand if they missed it on TV.

Although – there were rave reviews about just how great the competition was at the BMX final, so maybe the world has a soft spot for some bike tricks?

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In the spirit of the Olympics we dove into the AppNexus data to take a look at how our Top Five countries are performing. Below are the daily impressions broken down by country across the AppNexus network.

You can get this data on-demand in the AppNexus console by doing a “Segment Inventory Overlap Report”. It’s under Network > Audience, then select a country. But sorry, it won’t have the cute flags.

We’re moving!


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The boxes and packing tape are out in force at the Peer39 office in the Flatiron district. From Monday we’ll be in Times Square with Mediamind and DG.

Our new office will be at 1633 Broadway.

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Now we’re on Appnexus in Europe we’ve taken quite a liking to that other kind of football. That one with the round ball… Soccer, some even call it.

As well as watching on TV we were watching the impression levels online. We’ve noticed game days see a real spike in impressions – up to 32% higher than other days during the final stages of the tournament. || Read more

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It’s Wimbledon season which means there is a whole bunch of tennis content being served up online.

Last year there was a clear spike in tennis category impressions thanks to England’s famous tennis championship.

Below is a trend graph from last year, which shows the Tennis category increased by 166%.

Wimbledon traffic predictions based on 2011 traffic spike

We’re sure history will repeat itself – and if it does, based on current impression levels, we expect to see between 4.3 million and 8 million impressions during this year’s tournament.

If you have any advertisers that may align well with Tennis now is the best time to take advantage of the increase in inventory.

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Real-Time Page-level Data is Now Available in Seven Languages

New York – June 19, 2012 – MediaMind, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, announced today that its recently acquired Peer39 data solution is now available to ad networks, DSPs, and other buyers on the AppNexus Platform in Europe. With this launch, advertisers will be able to deliver targeted ads via ad exchanges in relevant environments across seven languages, without the use of cookies. || Read more